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Make Your Own Pajamas Pants

People usually wear pajamas and its Pajamas Pants when they’re sleeping. Today, pajamas become one of the most favorite sleeping wear. Pajamas are match for man and woman, for elder and kids.

Pajamas Pants usually comes with the top, some people or mother made their hand-made pajamas for their husband or children. Some other, give it as a present to people they love, like their father, brother or special friend.

Pajamas Pants are easy to make!

Make Pajamas Pants is not difficult as we thought, because it have simple model. First, you have to choose a comfortable fabric material for your Pajamas Pants. Then it will be better if you have another pair of pants, so you can get the measurement body size well.

Funny material motif and bright color is a good choice if you want to give that pajama as a gift to your children. Children would like famous cartoon icon like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or Angry Birds. But if you want to give those Pajamas Pants to elder people, line motif with deep color is a right choice. So, a motif and color of materials you choose are depending on who will wear your pajamas.

Next step: Make the pattern of the Pajamas Pants!

After you are ready with your fabric material and another pair of pants do you have, let’s make the Pajamas Pants pattern. Grab a large butcher newspaper or something that you can draw and cut it, and draw the pattern both from front and back of the pants. After that, cut along the pattern and seam allowance you made, cut along the pattern of Pajamas Pants. We can discuss about Women Wear Summer Fashion Items and Gets Prettier! in this site.

Pyjamas Pants Make Your Own Pajamas Pants

Pyjamas Pants 2012 Make Your Own Pajamas Pants

Pyjamas Pants Trends Make Your Own Pajamas Pants

Then trace the pattern into your fabric including the seam allowance. You’ll have two pieces fabric, fit it and pin it. All you have to do then is sew the two pieces fabrics patterns to make it together, and sew the elastic ribbon at the waist of the Pajamas Pants.

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